SITEC has successfully designed and permitted numerous commercial marinas, residential docks, inland and coastal residential subdivisions and waterfront restaurants, hotels and recreational facilities. Inland and coastal waterfront properties often command the highest real estate values due to exceptional aesthetic views and close proximity to waterfront recreational opportunities. Inland and coastal waterfront properties also often include or abut some of the most environmentally significant and therefore most regulated natural resources. We are uniquely qualified to move waterfront development projects through the wetlands and waterways inland and coastal permitting process - a process that is particularly complex, multi-leveled and fraught with value judgments and uncertainty.

The SITEC group includes former community and state wetlands and waterways regulators with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of this permitting process, including MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) wetlands and waterways regulations, field guides and policies. Our group includes wetlands field scientists certified by the American Society of Wetlands Scientists. SITEC specialized expertise includes wetland resource area delineation, wildlife, rare and endangered species habitat assessment, marine and shellfish surveys, the assessment of proposed development projects on both inland and coastal flooding, the assessment of coastal processes including shoreline erosion and accretion rates and the preparation of wetlands restoration and replications plans.

Because SITEC has survey and electronic plan preparation capabilities in house, the location of wetlands field data is tightly coordinated between wetlands and survey field staff. This insures that wetlands resource area boundaries, study plots, transects and other wetlands field data is properly shown on plans to meet applicable municipal, DEP and ACOE regulatory requirements.





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