SITEC has extensive experience in the design and permitting of a complete range of septic treatment systems and facilities. We have designed and permitted hundreds of subsurface sewage disposal systems for single-family homes. And, we have designed and permitted multiple wastewater collection, treatment and disposal facilities (“treatment plants”) required for multi-unit residential complexes, retail and commercial buildings and institutional facilities. SITEC engineers have a comprehensive working knowledge of all applicable regulations, including MA Title 5 and community Board of Health regulations (requirements for single family home septic systems) and MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulations (requirements for treatment plants).

SITEC professionals have a complete cross section of registrations and certifications required to design, permit and inspect septic treatment systems and facilities. These include both Professional Civil and Sanitary Engineering registrations in multiple New England states, including Massachusetts. And, they include MA Registered Sanitarian, MA Soil Evaluator and MA Title 5 System Inspector certifications.



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