SITEC services include civil/site engineering, property survey, land use planning and permitting, wetlands and waterfront (both inland and coastal) assessment, hazardous waste/environmental site assessment and septic and wastewater treatment system design. We have been in business for 20 years and have successfully completed hundreds of land development and redevelopment projects. Our extensive client list includes residential and commercial land developers, solid waste landfill, transfer, and recycling facilities, marina operators and individual homeowners.

We have offices in Marshfield and Dartmouth, MA. Each office is set up as a separate cost center (SITEC Environmental, Inc./Marshfield and SITEC, Inc./Dartmouth) for financial accountability purposes, but we function operationally as one integrated company to provide the optimum staffing mix for each project. Our two offices are fully integrated electronically and we use the latest engineering computer technology and programs.

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